The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit

The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit

Make a Smart Start to your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle with our three favourite vegan products for meeting any wellness goal.



Feel nourished and energised with our SuperGreens+ powder – a high-fibre blend of greens, superfoods, and vitamins and minerals that’s full of healthy nutrients. 30 servings per pouch.

The Electrolyte

Recharge and refresh as you pursue your wellness goals with The Electrolyte – replenishing BCAAs, vitamins, and electrolytes to restore energy levels and alleviate soreness. 30 servings per pouch.


Relax and rejuvenate with Ashwagandha gummies – contains a massive 1200mg dose per serving to unwind your mind and help you find your inner zen. 30 servings per bottle.

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If you ever feel daunted or unsure about how to get started when it comes to improving your health and wellbeing, look no further. We’ve put together The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit to help you take that crucial first step. Once you realise how simple it is to look and feel better than ever before, you’ll never turn back.

We’ve combined our favourite vegan supplements to set you on your way. There’s SuperGreens+, our high-fibre blend of 24 ingredients that provide you with extra vitality and the nutrients you need to stay in peak condition. There’s The Electrolyte, a fruity blend of BCAAs, electrolytes, and vitamins to get you feeling refreshed and recharged when you feel drained. Then we’ve included our delicious Ashwagandha gummies to help you unwind, reduce mental tension, and find your inner zen.

There’s some deliciously fruity flavours in The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit – the Ashwagandha gummies are raspberry flavoured whilst The Electrolyte is a tasty mixed berry flavour. Meanwhile, our SuperGreens+ is unflavoured, making it incredibly convenient and versatile – perfect for adding to a whole host of foods and drinks, such as smoothies, salads, juice, or even just mixed with water. We’ve also thrown in measuring scoops for easy preparation, as well as using resealable packaging to preserve the freshness of your supplements.

The perfect time to begin your journey to enhanced health and wellbeing is now – so what are you waiting for? Get The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit to take that life-changing first step.


The Electrolyte

Ingredients: Tri-Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Sugar Beet Soluble Fibre, Aquamin® Mg, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Flavouring, Instantised BCAA (2:1:1), Coconut Water Powder (6% Potassium), Sodium Chloride, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides from Stevia), Colour (Beetroot), Ascorbic Acid, Methylcobalamin.

Ashwagandha Gummy

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin E-440 (Gelling Agent), Citric Acid E-330 (Acid), Ashwagandha Root 30:1 Extract (Withania somnifera), Maltodextrin, Trisodium Citrate E-331 (Acidity Regulator), Coconut Oil (Oil Coating), Anthocyanins E-163 (Natural colouring), Magnesium Citrate, Natural Raspberry Flavouring, Carnauba Wax E-903 (Anti-caking Agent).


Ingredients:Soluble Fibre (Sugar Beet), Wheat Grass Powder, Spinach Powder, Wild Yam Powder, Spirulina Powder, Apple Fibre Pectin Powder, Matcha Green Tea Powder, Acerola Powder, Beetroot Extract, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides from Stevia), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Grapeseed Extract, Ferrous Fumarate, Zinc Citrate, Nicotinamide, Manganese Citrate, Retinol Acetate, Calcium Pantothenate, Copper Citrate, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite, Biotin, Methylcobalamin.

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The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit
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5 Superfoods

Instantised BCAAs

1200mg Ashwagandha

Fuels Wellness Goals

How To Use The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit

Add 1 scoop (7g) of SuperGreens+ to 200-300ml of water to a shaker bottle or glass. Shake or stir well and enjoy immediately. Feel free to use more or less liquid to adjust your super greens drink to your preferred taste and consistency. We recommend you do not exceed three servings per day. No matter what time of day you prefer to take your SuperGreens+, try consuming your beverage on an empty stomach to further enhance the absorption of key nutrients.

Add 1 scoop (5g) of The Electrolyte to 500-600ml of water in a shaker bottle. Shake well and consume in the morning or post-workout to replenish your electrolytes and support your energy levels. Feel free to use more or less liquid to adjust the taste of The Electrolyte drink.

Take two (2) Ashwagandha gummies per day. We recommend taking them when you wake up in the morning to clear your mind and start the day on a positive note. Alternatively, take your relaxing gummies any time you feel overwhelmed and want to bring calmness and clarity to your busy brain.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What products are in The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit?

The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit contains a powdered blend of superfoods and healthy nutrients (SuperGreens+), an electrolyte powder (The Electrolyte), and gummies for relaxation and enhanced wellbeing (Ashwagandha).

Who is The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit for?

The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their general health and wellbeing so they can look and feel fantastic whilst maintaining a vegan lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried improving this aspect of your life before or if your goals are different to those of other people, the products in The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit are the perfect place to kick off your journey on the right foot.

Are there any savings with The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit?

Absolutely! We discount all kits to provide you with great value on the included products, plus, you can also apply any other discounts or loyalty points to make even bigger savings.

How many servings of each product are in The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit?

Each pouch of SuperGreens+ contains 30 servings, as does each pouch of The Electrolyte and every bottle of Ashwagandha gummies – so every product in The Wellness Vegan Smart Start Kit can give a boost to your wellbeing across the whole month.

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