The Importance Of Work-Life Balance: Energy & Health Benefits

The Importance Of Work-Life Balance: Energy & Health Benefits

Busy and demanding work lives often mean you’re not left with much in the tank when you get home or finish your shift. So what do you need to do to get the balance right?

Do you find yourself drained by the demands of work? Are you struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance? 

This is a common issue, as managing various responsibilities can drain your energy reserves, making your ‘downtime’ not really ‘downtime’ at all.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for your well-being and overall happiness.

So important, in fact, that we’ve written a guide on the subject exploring what work-life balance is, its advantages, and strategies you can use to improve it.

Let’s dive in.

Why is a work-life balance important?

Work-life balance is a concept that is of significant relevance in today’s society. 

It refers to the equilibrium between our professional and personal life, ensuring that neither outweighs the other. It’s a fine juggling act.

This balance is vital as it directly impacts many aspects of our wellbeing.

Achieving work-life balance is all about finding a harmony between work and personal life, where you can fulfil professional responsibilities without sacrificing personal wellbeing.

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It’s hard to switch off.

Life nowadays means you are more connected than ever, but also more distracted and engaged. There is no off button to the internet, and the online world never stops. 

Smartphones and remote working have blurred the boundaries between work and personal life. As a result, it is hard to create boundaries at home or with screen time.

A useful mantra to remember is: 

We work to live, we don't live to work. After all, no one on their deathbed ever said, ‘I wish I worked more’.

The benefits of a work-life balance

There are many benefits of balancing work and life. Let’s cover the main ones below.

Enhanced well-being

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life will empower you to recharge, reduce stress, and take part in things that positively benefit your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Research shows that individuals with better work-life balance experience lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Balancing work and personal life can also help reduce emotional exhaustion.

Another study (1) published in the Harvard Business Review found that programs promoting work-life balance in companies contribute to increased productivity and improved employees' mental and physical health.

Understandably so. 

When your employers invest in you, you feel valued, respected and appreciated. 

Better relationships

By allocating time and energy to personal relationships, you can build better and more fulfilling relationships (2) with your loved ones and spend better quality time with them without work worries hanging over you. Another win for striking the right work-life balance.

Sustainable work performance

Many studies have discovered that prioritising work-life balance can lead to an increase in job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity (3). 

These studies suggest that when people are able to effectively manage their personal lives alongside their work commitments—they experience a greater sense of well-being, which in turn positively impacts their job performance (4). 

Another bonus? Burnout (5) is kept well and truly at bay. Which, as we’re sure you know, is a pressing symptom of poor work-life balance.

Overall quality of life 

Work-life balance enables you to lead a fulfilling life beyond your professional responsibilities. 

It will also give you time to enjoy hobbies, interests, and do things that make you happy.  

According to research (6) conducted by the University of Manchester, work-life balance is a crucial factor for happiness and life satisfaction.

How to improve work-life balance if you are struggling

Sometimes you can be so deep in the trenches of poor work-life balance it’s hard to see how to correct it.

But don’t worry, we’ve put together some proactive ways to help you tackle the issue and come out on top.

  • Set clear boundaries. Establish boundaries between work and personal life. Clearly define your working hours and try to stick to them. Avoid checking emails or doing work-related tasks outside of these hours.
  • Prioritise self-care. Make self-care a priority. Schedule regular time for activities that recharge you, like exercise, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones.
  • Delegate and ask for help. Learn to delegate tasks at work and outsource personal responsibilities when possible. You can’t do it all. If you try, the result will be more stress, feelings of overwhelm and potentially even burnout. 
  • Practise effective time management. Plan and organise your tasks effectively. Prioritise important tasks and break them down into smaller, manageable steps. Use to-do lists, calendars, or productivity tools to stay organised and ensure a better balance between work and personal life.
  • Learn to say "no". When going for a good work-life balance, it's essential to set limits and learn to say "no" when you feel overwhelmed at work. Begin to learn that it's okay to decline requests that may jeopardise your work-life balance.
  • Communicate with your employer. If you feel that your workload or work expectations are hindering your work-life balance, have open and honest communication with your employer. Discuss the adjustments that may be needed or solutions that could help create a better balance.
  • Disconnect from technology. Take regular breaks from technology, especially outside of working hours. Disconnecting from technology allows you to fully engage and be present.
  • Seek support. Reach out to friends, family members, or support groups who can offer guidance and understanding. Connecting with others who have experienced similar challenges can provide valuable insights and support.
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How to improve your energy levels

Boosting your energy levels will help you strike a healthier life balance. So, what are the ways to increase your energy levels outside of work so you can really make the most of your free time? 

Let’s take a look at some suggestions to get you fired up.


It’s so important to get enough quality, restful sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for work-life balance and replenishing energy levels—so aim for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. 

Get yourself devices like a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or a sleep-specific wearable device so you can monitor your sleep if you’re struggling.


Exercise is a great way to not only boost your energy levels by stimulating your mitochondria (tiny structures found inside our cells that are responsible for generating energy)—but it releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that make you feel energised too.

Moving your body also improves blood flow and oxygen delivery around the body. 

It stimulates your blood vessels so they widen, and even more oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles and organs, which results in increased levels of energy.


We know, the advice here is pretty much always the same. Eat well, feel better. 

But did you know that a mixture of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats means better and more sustained energy levels(7)? 

Nutrient deficiencies can contribute to fatigue, so it’s important to eat a balanced and well-rounded diet for your health and the energy that follows.

Don’t forget—staying hydrated is a key way to keep your energy levels up too.


Make sure to schedule and take regular breaks each day to recharge your energy levels. 

Short pauses during the day have been scientifically proven to refresh your mind and prevent mental and physical fatigue. 

Taking micro-breaks of short durations, up to 10 minutes can actually boost vigour and reduce tiredness.

To make the breaks fun and something to look forward to, choose activities you like listening to music, taking a walk, or practising mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Prioritise self-care

Take time for yourself.

Making self-care a priority outside of work contributes to a harmonious work-life balance. Unwind, recharge and know that doing nothing is still doing something.  

What will renewed energy levels bring?

Some great knock-on effects that will benefit your body, mind, life and even work.

Feeling better about yourself

Discover a better work-life balance by avoiding burnout and having a healthier relationship with yourself. 

Prioritising yourself can help your self-esteem as well because listening to your own needs, not just other people's needs, helps you remember that you matter too.

Proactivity and positivity

When you take time for yourself it can help reduce stress levels, increase positive emotions, and also result in a greater sense of proactivity and creativity. 

Improved work performance

Ironically, when you look after yourself and prioritise your well-being, your work will also benefit.

Taking breaks, exercising, and practising self-care can ultimately enhance work performance and lead to an increase in focus, productivity, and concentration. 

Boost your energy levels the Smart way

One way of getting a spring in your step and topping up your energy levels in a tasty and simple way is getting hold of our Boost Energy Kit.

Complete with three premium supplements backed by science—including electrolytes for refreshing and recharging, invigorating super greens, and tasty nootropics for mental energy—you’re going to feel recharged and ready for action in no time.

So, if you’re looking to strike a healthier work-life balance, kickstart your day, do it the Smart way.


Smart Protein is committed to sourcing only the best and scientifically-backed research in our articles.

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