When Should You Take Greens Powder?

When should you take greens powder

Super greens are one of the world’s health supplements—and for very good reason.

Packed full of health benefits, super greens are the heroes of the health world, boasting body-boosting perks, including more energy, reduced risk of chronic illness, and a glowing complexion.

Sounds great, right? But when should you take greens powder to get the best results? Well, there’s no one right answer here—but with a little know-how—you can find your best time to take greens powder.

Here in this Smart Guide, we’re going to explore the right times for taking greens powder to boost your health and wellbeing to the max.

Ready? Let’s go.

What are greens powders?

Super greens or greens powders are the names given to the powdered form of traditional super green foods (like algae and grasses). 

They’re packed full of nutritional benefits, helping aid weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and support a whole range of healthy bodily functions to keep you feeling your best.

Traditionally speaking, these super greens were consumed as whole foods. But since the health and wellness industry has gotten its hands on them, most greens powders come in liquid form. And these powdered greens boast many of the same benefits as eating whole green vegetables.

All the benefits without eating a bag of spinach—sign us up.

What is in greens powders?

That’s a good question, and really depends on the individual manufacturer, as the exact combination of ingredients will vary. 

But many greens powders pack a powerful punch of health-giving superfoods.  

In general, super greens powders contain a combination of some of the following: 

  • Leafy greens: Spinach or kale leaf
  • Seaweed: Spirulina or kelp
  • Other vegetables: Broccoli, beets, or green cabbage
  • Grasses: Barley grass or wheatgrass
  • Nutritional extracts: Green tea extract
  • Antioxidant fruits: Raspberries and blueberries
  • Extra fibre: Apple fibre and inulin
  • Natural sugar substitutes: Stevia leaf extract

Why should you take super greens supplements?

If you eat enough fruits and vegetables, you might not need to take any dietary supplements. 

But if, like most people—you struggle to balance your diet with everything else life throws at you—supplements can be a great way to pack in some extra nutrients. 

If you’re exercising or watching what you eat, it’s especially important that you are conscious of getting the right vitamins and minerals into your diet. 

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That’s why super greens powders are becoming increasingly popular as a quick, convenient way to increase your vegetable intake in powder format. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can completely replace their whole food counterparts, but it offers a way to boost the benefits even if you struggle to consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables. 

But what are the benefits and side effects of taking greens powders?

Let’s explore.

Benefits of drinking greens powders

There are many potential benefits of super greens powders, which is why they’ve become such a powerhouse in the health and wellbeing industry.

Some of the health benefits of consuming greens powders include…

  • More energy
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superpowers
  • Better body alkalinity
  • Supports weight loss
  • Enhances digestive enzymes
  • Improves hair, nail, and skin health
  • Provides additional nutrition
SmartTip: Remember, not all greens powders are created equal, so check the label and consume greens powder with ingredients that will help you get the health benefits you want.

Side effects of greens powders

While everyone is different, there are some potential side effects that you should be aware of before you take greens powder.

The first is that due to the ingredients (including seaweed and grasses), they can cause allergic reactions or intolerances. 

Carefully check the label before taking any new green powders if you have allergies or food sensitivities.

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Secondly, greens powders can cause bloating and digestive issues, especially if you are not used to them. While this should subside, we recommend increasing the dosage gradually until you are used to the greens powder. 

And finally, greens powder can interact with some medications. If you are taking any meds, you should consult your doctor to make sure it’s safe to take greens powder.

SmartTip: Check out our Smart Guide on the benefits of super greens for more insider info about this amazing health supplement.

What time of day should you take greens powders?

The answer is (drum roll, please)...whenever you want.

Yes, there are reasons that you can and should take super greens at different times of the day. 

But, the best time will always be when you want to and when you remember. Consistently taking super greens is going to be key to really reap the best rewards. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as taking one scoop and feeling like Superman (or Superwoman). 

You’re going to have to weave your supplement to a healthy, balanced lifestyle to see and continue to see the benefits. 

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So, there is no point in vowing to take green powder supplements first thing in the morning if you are always rushing out the door and forgetting. 

Equally, there’s no point in trying to take them before you go to sleep if that’s the last thing you feel like before tucking up for the night. 

But, saying that, there are some benefits to taking them at different points in the day that you might want to consider so that you can then choose the right time for you to take them. 

So what are your options?

  • Morning vs afternoon vs evening
  • Before vs after workout

Morning vs afternoon vs evening

So, what time of the day is best to enjoy a body-boosting dose of super greens?

The aim is to take your greens daily—and the important thing is to remember that there is no one right answer to this question.


How often is your breakfast packed with veggies?

Whether you’re a muesli or an eggs-on-toast person, you might be hitting carbs with ease— but struggling when it comes to getting in those leafy greens. This makes sense—not many people are having a bowl of broccoli and spinach for their brekkie. 

But supergreens are a great way to easily get a boost of vitamins and minerals into your diet first thing in the morning.

Pop a scoopful in a smoothie or drink alone before breakfast and boost your energy levels for the day. 

It’s like a shot of coffee but with all the health benefits of greens. 

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Are you prone to feeling tired in the afternoon?

Taking green powder in the afternoon can help, especially if you have a mid-day slump. 

It can help boost energy levels and keep you going throughout the working day or gear you up for a workout. 


Finally, in the evening, super greens can help you with essential nutrients to repair while you are sleeping—and the dietary fibre content can help to keep you full (1)—reducing snacking in the process. 

Plus, some greens have ingredients (2) (like magnesium) that can aid a restful sleep.

But, you’ll also need to ensure that your super greens do not contain any stimulating ingredients that have the potential to disrupt your sleep (which many do)

No matter when you take your greens, you’ll still get the benefits from your greens powder— simply decide when it will work best for you. 

SmartSummary: Anytime is a good time to take greens powder. But, the morning (before you eat) might help you absorb more of the minerals and nutrients, helping boost the benefits.

Before vs after a workout…

Again, taking greens powders both before and after a workout can be beneficial, but for different reasons. 

Some greens powders may have stimulants in them, like green tea extract. So taking them pre-workout can help boost energy, and make sure that you get the most from your workout. 

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But, there are also benefits to taking greens post-workout as they deliver the essential nutrients required for muscle repair.

SmartTip: Try taking your greens powder both before and after your workout to see which approach works best for you.

Should you take greens powders on an empty stomach?

There’s evidence to suggest that taking super greens powders on an empty stomach is best, as it allows you to absorb the maximum amount of minerals and vitamins from the supplements. 

This includes pre-caffeine, as caffeine can impact the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals.

So, while the time of day that you choose to take your greens might be up for debate, it’s advantageous to try and drink them around half an hour before you eat a meal.  

While this might be true for some, it’s worth remembering that everybody is different. 

If you’re prone to digestive issues when taking greens powders—you might find that they’re intensified by taking them on an empty stomach. In that case, it might be better to consume it with food, or after. 

SmartTip: You can add a scoop of super greens to an omelette if you’d like to enhance your breakfast, brunch or pre-workout meal.

Should you drink super greens daily?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to see the results from your super greens powder, it’s something you will have to weave into your daily routine. And, most manufacturers have designed their greens for daily enjoyment.

Although it’s okay if you miss a dose, you aim to take your greens most days at a time that suits you best.

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So, if you decide that the morning before your coffee and breakfast is the time you want to take them, then try and stick to this daily.

So, when’s the best time for greens powders?

Although everyone is different, the best time to take greens powders is in the morning, on an empty stomach—that’s if you can ‘stomach it’—no pun intended. 

But, that might not work for you, and if so—don’t worry about it. 

Taking super greens powders is going to boost your health in so many ways—so the main thing is that you take them.

If there’s a time and place that works better for you than first thing in the morning, stick to it. Making it work for you will empower you to really get the most from your super greens. 

If you’re looking for a super green supplement to help boost your health, that tastes amazing, and gets your day off to a great start—Smart Protein’s SuperGreens+ is great no matter what time of the day you take them. Go get some.


Smart Protein is committed to sourcing only the best and scientifically-backed research in our articles.

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